"The members of the big band have developed during the last five years, with vocation and rigor, a solvent project capable of facing, not only the classical repertoire, but also the new arrangements and the compositions of the guest artists".


- ALBERTO MARINA (Diario de Sevilla) - 

       Created in early 2011, on the initiative of the musicians and also managed by themselves, the Andalucia Big Band was created with the goal of being a stable orchestra for bringing jazz to the public and make known the traditional repertoire for the big band as, specially, the compositions of current composers.

       The official premiere was at the 14th Jazz Festival of the University of Seville, concert with saxophonist Ramón Cardo as guest artist, one of the most experienced Spanish musicians as director and composer for the big band.


        They have also played in the VI Soberao Jazz Festival of Dos Hermanas in Seville (Spain), in celebration of the 1st International Jazz Day in Faro (Portugal), with María Joao and Mario Laghinha among other guests, in several editions of the Jazz Festival of the University of Seville or in the 127th International Music Band Competition Ciudad de Valencia at the Palau de la Música in Valencia (Spain), performing as guest band.  As in Spanish Music Festival of Cádiz (Spain), Jazz Festival of Cádiz (Spain), Qurtuba Jazz of Córdoba (Spain) or at Festival A Arte da Big Band of Lisboa (Portugal).


       Since then, they have collaborated with artists such as Ramón Cardo, Ze Eduardo, Duccio Bertini, Bob Sands, Víctor Mendoza, Chris Kase, Miguel Ángel López, Arturo Serra, Jesús Santandreu and Bobby Martínez among others, as well as guest artists such as trumpeter Julián Sánchez or singer Susan Sheiman.

Our musicians

Miguel López

Javier Ortí

Leandro Perpiñan

Chema Espinosa

Pedro Cortejosa

Ignacio Guarrochena

Antonio Mauro

Javier Plaza

Miguel Barrones

Dani Muñoz

Lipi Calvo

Joseba Robles

Alejandra Artiel

Zufre web Abb.jpg

Zufre Ruíz

Javier Galiana

Nacho Megina

Manolo Soldán

Carlos Bermudo

Javier Delgado