By Javier Galiana (1975)

Suite Trafalgar. The Suite could be included in the third stream, inaugurated by the Schullers or Gil Evans, only now, the music is colored in andalusian colors.

            The limits between jazz, flamenco, free improvisation and rigorous arrangements are diluted in this work, for this reason that hybrid condition connects with our times. Written expressly for this band formation with soloist (although it has already evolved in two different versions), the composer presents his particular tribute to the music of Manuel de Falla and the landscape of the Cadiz coast with its beaches full of history. It consists of four bigger pieces, linked by interludes composed of a material to homogenize the work as a walk of the Paintings of a Mussorgsky Exhibition.


Each one of the dances is inspired by a flamenco rhythm but then diluted in the harmonies and improvisations inherited from jazz or in particular treatments of the author.

  • Preludio 

  • Soledad del faro 

  • Interludio

  • Mar de fondo

  • Interludio

  • Guajira del Palmar

  • Interludio

  • Erizada caletera

  • Final

Without a doubt, an original, complete and brilliant piece.